Many books are mentioned and used and perused by many tiers. This is a list of the most influential and useful books I've found for Salmon Fly/Streamer/Steelhead fly tying. I use them all for reference and for lessons. It's always a challenge to translate what you see and what you read into useful information for your mind and ultimately your fingers. Having the right materials in front of you is one thing. Knowing how to use them is quite another.

Each one of these authors completely dedicated and knowledgeable in the art and history of tying the flies. Be inspired, then sit down and do some tying!

Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History Volume 1 - Birds
Paul Schmookler & Ingrid Sils, 1994, The Complete Sportsman

Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials: A Natural History Volume 2 - Birds and Mammals
Paul Schmookler & Ingrid Sils, 1997, The Complete Sportsman

Forgotten Flies
Paul Schmookler & Ingrid Sils, 1999, The Complete Sportsman

The Schmookler-Sils books are beautiful and informative volumes. Besides the thousands of flies and patterns found within, the in-depth discussion of materials and the incredible photography make these a must have for any fly tier.

The Joseph Bates Books

Fishing Atlantic salmon - The Flies and the Patterns
Joseph D. Bates & Pamela Bates Richards, 1996, Stackpole Books

The Art of the Atlantic Salmon Fly
Joseph D. Bates, 1987, David R. Godine, Publisher

Atlantic Salmon Flies and Fishing
Joseph D. Bates, 1970, Stackpole Books

Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing
Joseph D. Bates, 1950, Stackpole Books

There is such a sense of history reading the Bates books. Although there are plenty of patterns to try out, you just know he was completely immersed and knowledgeable with his subject. Highly recommended books.

The 1800's to early 1900's

How To Dress Salmon Flies
T.E. Pryce-Tannatt, first published 1914, A & C Black (Publishers) Ltd.

Dr. Thomas Edwin Pryce-Tannatt was an amazing man. In England, he was the Inspector of Salmon Fisheries in the Board of Agriculture and Fisheries starting in 1912, as well as the editor of the Salmon and Trout Association magazine. He also wrote this book in 1914,
which is one of the best on the subject. Must have for Salmon Fly tiers.

How To Tie Salmon Flies
Captain Hale, first published in 1892 by Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd.

A very valuable book with over 400 Salmon fly patterns, containing instructions on tying, materials, tools, and even dyeing materials.

The Salmon Fly
George M. Kelson, originally published in 1895

George Kelson compiled this book from the many articles from the previous two decades before it was published. He wrote columns and articles in 'Land and Water' among other publications. He is one of the most important figures in Salmon fishing and fly tying.
This book is full of patterns and information. A must have book.

More Contemporary Books:

Salmon Flies: Their Character, Style, and Dressing
Poul Jorgenson, 1978, Stackpole Books

The first book I used for Salmon Fly instruction. From simple strip wings to complex feather wings, this is a book I absorbed cover to cover.

Tying the Classic Salmon Fly - A Modern Approach To Traditional Techniques
Edited by Michael D. Radencich, 1997, Stackpole Books

This solid volume contains articles by the best in the business, as well as the exquisite photography of Mr. Radencich. Many valuable lessons and beautiful flies.

Classic Salmon flies - History and Patterns
Mikael Frodin, 1991, published by Bonanza Books

Many important patterns and their histories. Mr. Frodin has done a great job showing how the famous patterns varied, from famous tiers of the 1800's to the early 1900's.

Classic Salmon Fly Dressing
Ken Sawada, published by Tulchan Books

A beautiful book full of Mr. Sawada's unique Salmon flies, as well as some practical lessons in various tying procedures. Lots of historical patterns included. Recommended.

Building Classic Salmon Flies
Ron Alcott, 1995, Nimbus Publishing Limited

Finely detailed lessons in the art of Salmon Fly tying. Mr. Alcott has a very recognizable style and is well qualified to teach us the fine points. Excellent book.

The Atlantic Salmon Fly - The Tyers and Their Art
Judith Dunham, 1991, published by Chronicle Books

A worldwide tour of Salmon Fly tiers. Beautifully produced, and informative about the tiers. Superb book.

Century End
Paul Ptalis, 1999, published by Paul Ptalis

Beautiful book by a gifted tier. Check it out.

A Guide To Salmon Flies
John Buckland & Arthur Oglesby

Many antique Salmon Flies, their origins, and patterns. Also Salmon Flies from around the world.

Streamer and Steelhead Fly Books

Streamer Fly Patterns for Casting and Trolling - Originals and a Few Others
Mike Martinek, Jr. 1993, Mordax Publishing

Streamer Fly Patterns for Casting and Trolling - Originals and a Few Others - Volume 2
Mike Martinek, Jr. 2000, A PP & MM Production

Nice volumes from the master Streamer fly tier Mike Martinek, Jr. Thanks to Jim Krul for my signed copies.

Carrie Stevens - Maker of Rangeley Favorite Trout and Salmon Flies
Graydon R. Hilyard & Leslie K. Hilyard, 2000, Stackpole Books

A warm remembrance of the great Carrie Stevens. Full of stories, patterns, and information. Good read.

Steelhead Fly Tying Guide
H. Kent Helvie, 1994, Frank Amato Publications

Great crossover Salmon/Steelhead fly tying book. Besides Mr. Helvie's clear instruction, many tiers and their patterns are displayed. Valuable book.

Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies
Trey Combs, 1976, Frank Amato Publications

I wore out my copy of this book. A highlight is the nine Syd Glasso flies displayed.

Steelhead Fly Fishing
Trey Combs, 1991, published by Lyons & Burford

One of the first books to detail the influence of Atlantic Salmon flies on Steelhead fishing, especially in the Northwest U.S. Nice chapter on Dave McNeese, among others.
Quality book.

Northwest Fly fishing - Trout and Beyond
John Shewey, 1992, Frank Amato Publications

John taught me how to tie a Spey fly, and has been a big help in materials. Check out his Spey-Style Steelhead flies in this book.

Spey Flies & Dee Flies
John Shewey

From historical patterns and techniques to modern Pacific Northwest Spey and Dee tiers, John covers all you will need to tie these beautiful flies.

Irish Trout and Salmon Flies
E.J. Malone,first published 1984 by Colin Smythe, Ltd.
Revised second edition published in 1993 by
The Flyfisher's Classic Library

Mr. Malone's book is filled with classic Irish Trout and
Salmon fly patterns, as well as fascinating history about
the flies and tyers. There are also chapters on hooks,
materials, and natural dyes for fly tying materials.


Pheasants of the World - Their Breeding and Management
Keith Howman

All 49 Pheasant species are covered. Great photos, and info on breeding. Fun book.