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Welcome to Favorite Flies. My name is Mike Boyer and I have been tying flies for over forty years. My tying started with trout flies made from a small starter box of materials and a Thompson vise. Catching my first trout on one of my beginner flies has had me hooked on fly tying ever since. My friend Lee Schechter is also a veteran fly tyer and fly fisherman. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Lee on two national magazine articles ( Fly Tyer, Spring 2007, and Hatches magazine, Fall 2007 ). Both articles are about different aspects of the underappreciated flies of Mary Orvis Marbury. You will find many examples of the Marbury flies tied by Lee and myself on the Marbury Fly Page.

Atlantic Salmon flies are the pinnacle of fly tying, and were in many instances the predecessors of American flies of the 19th Century. Victorian times in the British Isles was a rich period for fly tying. All the exotic materials became available from England's far flung colonies, and tyers created an explosion of fly patterns using these rare and colorful birds. The books of George M. Kelson, Dr.T.E. Pryce-Tannatt, Captain Hale, and many more have kept alive the tradition and knowledge of Spey, Dee, and full dress Salmon flies. Though nowhere near complete, you will find many examples of these flies tied by myself and Lee on the Atlantic Salmon, Spey and Dee pages.

Streamer flies have always been a favorite of mine. There is a very strong American tradition of streamer tying by the likes of Carrie Stevens, Lew Oatman, Bert Quimby, Herbie Welch, and many others, including the modern master, Mike Martinek, Jr. Though I like tying the traditionals, I also find a creative side when tying streamers. You'll find both some traditional and creative flies on the Streamer Page.

The galleries of Atlantic Salmon flies, Spey & Dee, and Streamer flies include detailed scans and patterns for each fly. There is also a Books page, and a Links page for cool sites, and some materials links. I'll try to update every so often. If you have comments or suggestions, you can email me here:

You can find more Mike Boyer and Lee Schechter flies, as well as many other tyers at

Special note: the picture of my Argus Streamer under the page links above was painted by my new friend Sarah Briston. Sarah is an amazingly talented painter, and loves painting fishing flies. You can see more of her work here and here.





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